Roller Derby 2: I am Bambi on ice


Second roller derby training last night…intense sums it it! It was serious.

Respect the sport
Began with one of the guys, training to ref, taking a hard fall and breaking his ankle in 2 places (he’s ok – morphine is a wonderful thing!)…that kinda set the tone for the evening. Respect skating, don’t get cocky, listen to the trainers.

After the (amazing) first aiders got him sorted & packed into an ambulance, training continued. I was pretty damn wobbly (slight understatement!), and shaky after just seeing that. One of the vets was telling me she used to get called Bambi, and seeing the way she skates now was pretty hard to believe – but I’m going to use that as inspiration! If Bambi can now speed now the track doing all sorts of backwards crossovers…then I sure as hell can train my feet to move in the same direction for at least a lap!

Stop stop stooooooop
Plow stops I can do (achievement! :D). T stops sadly are my nemisis. Firstly on plows; did this awesome wee exercise to practice really clenching thighs and digging in to come to a standstill while maintaining balance – have someone try to push you while your plowing! Sounds sensible & simple enough in practice…alas no, I spend 5 minutes on the floor in absolute fits of laugher. I paired up with a guy, nice chap – introduced myself briefly before getting into postion on the track…guy stood behind me…I got into derby stance…he squatted behind…grabbed my hips and starting pushing…I plowed to resist him (properly sticking my arse out in DERBY STANCE)…guy very nicely gave out lots of encouragement “That’s it!” “Right there” “Bend over further” “You’re so good at this” etc etc…I. could. not. take. this. seriously. Proper fit of the giggles, which then started him off once he realised the massive sexual innuendo that had just occurred. All part of the joy of derby 🙂 Very close contact with humans you’ve just met, I totally love it! What better way to make friends!

T stops on the other hand…urgggg! Why?!?!? I skate on Poison wheels, which are pretty sticky on our hall floor. Im blaming them for my horrific attempts at T stops, my back foot was like someone elses limb…I can assure you I was not the one controlling it!! Flapping about all over the place like a fish out of water – definitely a work in progress this one!

Getting the hang of crossovers, slowly but surely, I think maintaining the ‘squatting on a festival toilet’ pose at all times, although painful, really does help keep steady on the corners, low low centre of gravity! DERBY STANCE!


Think the above sums up my day at work today. I was waddling. Not even exaggerating….waddling!! Can’t wait for these Thighs Of Steel to happen….any time now would be great!

All in all I’m pretty proud of myself – am on Day 10 of a super cold and managed to survive 2 hours of exercise!

Bring it all on again next week 😀 (but not my cold…it can go away)

Derby ❤

Lou x


Me & Roller derby…the beginning of something beautiful!


I am a walking (skating?) cliche….yes, Roller Derby has saved my soul!

This sport had literally turned my life upside down, taking me from a big blob of hopeless depression & frustration, and given me a purpose, something to work for, sparked a real passion, but most importantly – introduced me to the most wonderful group of people and a kick-ass sport!

Roller derby = Completely Acceptance

I cannot describe the feeling I get from derby in a better way than complete and unquestioned acceptance. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you do, how geeky you are (Marvel or DC!), how big your booty is or if you shave your armpits or not! There are no judgements made, no criticisms, no ‘Mean Girls’. I love a description of derby that I found during my hours of trawling through skate-related-Pinterest searches…’Derby consists of a massive bunch of misfits that all come together to form the  most supportive family you’ll ever have’. True story.

So – now that I have nervously set the premise for this blog…I guess I’ll start from the beginning!

I ‘ve had a rough time over the past 7 years and am finally starting to get my shit together…FINALLY! I’ve always been one of those people who lived life for other people, and after a very shaky 2014 – decided that ain’t me no more! Cut ties with the people & aspects of life dragging me down and Voila; I have my own goals and desires now, and its freaking awesome – ‘See Me, I’m a Person!’

So a few weeks ago, as part of my ‘Do something for yourself’ challenge I set myself (baby steps!), I finally plucked up the courage to go along to my local Roller Derby teams taster night (after a little encouragement from a pal!)…best decision I’ve ever made. I am Louise and I am addicted FULL STOP. I eat, sleep and dream derby…and drive my incredible family mental with all the YouTube videos of it.

I then NSO’d at Friday night scrims and  attended the first proper ‘come-and-try-us-out’ training session the week after. I.Am.In.Love.

Finding my feet

First session pretty much consisted of me shaking, wobbling about, shaking some more and then wobbling a wee bit more (sensing a theme?)…but all the time grinning like a crazy kid after too many Haribo! It’s not natural to me to have wheels on, been a long time since my tom-boy skateboarding years (all about the ollys, caspers and kickflips!), but my goodness – what a rush!

Techniques we newbies got shown how to do included plow stop, crossovers and most importantly of all – how to fall! This is a concept my body will struggle with for some time as the training programme continues…throw yourself on your knees…repeatedly…go on…it’s fine the pads will protect you…Arghh! I know I have trust issues in real life but this was an strange and new type of internal trust issue; head saying just flipping fall…legs saying ARE YOU F*CKING CRAZY?!?

Eventually managed to trip myself up and gotta say…once your first few falls are out the way, it becomes almost all enjoyable to pick up a bit of (wobbly) speed and send yourself skidding across the floor in a tight ball…fingers in at all times!

Stopping will be a challenge, I appear to have an unusual & complete lack of thigh muscles – so now plan to spend the majority of my time in my flat (and at work when no one is looking) in the squat position. Think I lost count of the times I got ‘DERBY STANCE?’ yelled at me…yes, it hurts, it burns and makes me sweat where I didnt know I could sweat (so much), but I am gonna have a buns of bloody steel in a few short months!)

I am ridiculously delighted to be beginning this journey in the wonderful world of derby…in case you can’t quite tell. So much to learn about the skating, finding my balance, the kit, the insane amount of penalties (cut track anyone?), but will be fully embracing this like I did with my tamagotchi when I was a kid, with whole-hearted love and passion 🙂

Looking forward to feeling empowered!


Squats away!

All I can do is be me…


“All I can do is be me, whoever that is” Bob Dylan

I love this quote! Its turning into my life mantra – I’m never going to be the most popular, the fittest or the most intelligent lady….BUT I am okay with that and starting to love me, I am ever-evolving!

As part of this ‘evolving experience’ I have decided to try out a few new things that have always appealed but I have never actually had any experience with – one of which is blogging!

So, I am setting myself the following Mission Statement:

– To, for the next 3 months before I hit 25, try to experience as many new things as I can, explore new hobbies – and then share my experiences on this lovely new shiny blog 🙂

– Secondly – to actually give the above a good shot – I have always been rather too influenced by others opinions and tend to back-down when I feel challenged – and its getting me no-where in life!


Here goes trying new things!